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Library Resources

  • Books: Approximately 50,000 books on Judaica primarily in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish, arranged on shelves in Library of Congress call number order.

  • Periodicals: About 120 current journal and newspaper titles arranged alphabetically by title in the current journal area, main level. Back issues arranged alphabetically by title on lower level.

  • Online catalogue terminals: Two dedicated terminals, one on each library level. Also available from all computers that can access the Internet at http://rrc.ipac.dynixasp.com/

  • Bet Midrash collection: Most popular works for the study of Tanakh and Talmud. Located on a bookshelf in the main Reading Room, non-circulating.

  • Text collection: Primary rabbinic works, codes, and the Encyclopedia Judaica. Housed at the beginning of the reference area, non-circulating.

  • Special file collections: Uncatalogued materials on Jewish education and curriculum, liturgy (contents primarily donated by students for these files), Israel Ministry of Education and Culture, and Judaism & Homosexuality. Located on the main level, non-circulating.

  • Copier: Copies available at 10 cents per sheet.

  • Computers: Four available for student use only. Equipped with full suite of Microsoft Office programs, Davka Writer (a Hebrew word processing program), educational CD-ROMs and DVDs, Internet and e-mail access. One computer on the main level is available for guest use.

  • Printers: Three laser printers.

  • Electronic resources: Educational CD-ROMs, DVDs, and online bibliographic databases are available on-site. Offsite access to some databases is restricted to affiliates of RRC and requires a password.

This is the archival site for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. It is no longer updated.

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