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Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, '82, Ph.D.

Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer

Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D., has a longstanding passion for interfaith engagement that has led her to participate in major conferences from Doha, Qatar to Washington, D.C. For more than 30 years, she has explored what joins and separates religions in their practice and approach to holy texts. She has designed and led innovative workshops and retreats that bring emerging religious leaders together, in part thanks to two major grants from the Henry R. Luce Foundation. She writes her own blog, Multifaithworld.org, and is published regularly on The Huffington Post.

“I look on inter-religious study as part of the spiritual formation of rabbinical students,” she says. "In addition, we want to prepare our students to be proactive leaders in a religiously diverse society. As a religious minority, we need to know about Christianity. I have felt for a long time that it is also our moral obligation, as Americans and as Jews, to engage with Muslims both here and internationally."

To that end, Kreimer regularly hosts salons for visiting Muslim scholars and initiates programs that offer joint text study of Torah and Qu’ran. She is a major proponent of service-learning projects in which rabbinical students work in interfaith settings and bring their experiences back into the classroom to enhance learning. She envisions a generation of Jewish leaders who know how to forge alliances with their Muslim and Christian counterparts in the community to create understanding and catalyze change.

An associate professor of  religious studies at RRC, Kreimer chairs RRC’s Department of Multifaith Studies and Initiatives. Her department also encompasses the study of religion, science and psychology.

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