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Zionism and North American Judaism

April 17, 2015

RRC president Rabbi Deborah Waxman recently sat down with the Connecticut Jewish Ledger to discuss the complicated role Zionism plays in the lives of Jews living in North America.

“For many American Jews, a predominant expression of American Zionism seems to be equating support for Israel with support for the current government of Israel, whatever its policies—that is, to be Zionist is to be pro-Israel with no opinion, and to ensure that the U.S. government is similarly pro-Israel,” Rabbi Waxman explained. “This is extremely different from conversations about Zionism in general, Zionism in Israel, and what Zionism is and could mean for American Jewish life.”

Rabbi Waxman will participate in a public dialogue on “What is Zionism’s Role in North American Jewish Life Today?” at the University of Connecticut on the 67th anniversary of Israel’s statehood, April 23 at 7 p.m.

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