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Movement Statement on Fires in Haifa

November 24, 2016

The Reconstructionist movememt expresses solidarity with Israel's firefighters and emergency rescue services who are working tirelessly to combat the spread of multiple wildfires in the Haifa region. As the number of people who have been evacuated exceeds 60,000, we will continue to monitor the situation. We are deeply disturbed by initial Israeli reports that as many as half the fires were probably acts of arson, including possibly politically motivated arson. Whatever investigations ultimately reveal, we condemn the flurry of social media messages expressing pleasure over this crisis and hatred for Israelis. We are heartened by reports that the Palestinian Authority has offered to dispatch firefighting teams to assist Israel, and that Israel has accepted the offer. May all who are in harm's way find the shelter and support they need, and may Israelis of all faiths and backgrounds draw strength from each other.

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