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Havurah on the Hill

August 23, 2016

John Kelly, who writes about the capitol’s less famous sides for the Washington Post, featured the Hill Havurah and its student rabbi, Hannah Spiro. The piece illustrates how, well before they graduate, RRC students strengthen communities and help people of all ages and backgrounds encounter Jewish experiences

Read the whole article here or check out the except below:

What sort of rabbi will Rabbi Hannah prove to be? She said one of her teachers, Rabbi Jacob Staub, has been an inspiration.

“He always talks about different spiritual types,” she said. “Some people get their spiritual nourishment through singing and through prayer to God. Some people through being together in a group of people who know each other and care about each other. Some people get their spiritual high through community service or volunteerism.”

The members of Hill Havurah? All of the above.

“My goal is to help to support all of that happening at the Havurah, from the meditative to the really dynamic,” she said.


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