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Drown Out the Noise of Hate

April 7, 2015

Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer speaks out against anti-Muslim bus ads

A court decision forced the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) to run ads on 87 buses this month, proclaiming that the Qu’ran teaches hatred towards Jews. Rabbi Kreimer, a 1982 graduate of RRC and the school’s director of multifaith studies and initiatives, has been extremely visible in the broad-based coalition formed to express solidarity and propose an alternative narrative—one based on understanding and respect.

KYW News Radio reported: “Rabbi Nancy Kreimer says free speech sometimes has consequences, but the best remedy is to put out a counter message. ‘So keep your voices up,” she said. “Let’s make a lot of noise and drown out the noise of the hate with noise of love.’”

The Philadelphia Daily News feature quoted her as follows: "Communities need to stand together . . . when these ads on the bus happen, we are all diminished," said Nancy Kreimer, with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote. "Every one of us who is a citizen of this city is diminished by having hate ride on our buses."

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