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No Success without Learning to Fail

“Fail Forward” is the mantra of entrepreneurs. Take risks. You will fail, guaranteed. Learn from it. Once a little smarter, boldly launch again. Instead of meeting failure with crimson shame and pink slips, entrepreneurs believe, as Robert Kennedy did, “to achieve greatness, you have to fail greatly.”

Guest Blogger: People are More Important than Ideas

Design thinking may be a new tool, but the idea that empathy makes us better leaders and innovators is ancient knowledge. Rabbis can lead the way in the Jewish community and in organizations, using the empathetic skills of pastoral counseling and applying that same skill set to  organizational leadership. By utilizing design thinking, religious leaders can create new programs and initiatives in their own congregations.

Going the Way of Profit

Launching a Jewish start-up? Todd Shotz says there are signficant advantages to going the way of a for-profit company.

Fundraising: Not Rocket Science

Learning fundraising on the fly is actually possible, according to Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Executive Director of Mechon Hadar.


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