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Our Admissions Standards

These new standards for admission will help RRC bring rabbinic training into the 21st century.

Entrance Requirements and Desired Attributes at Admission

The Admissions Committee will determine a candidate’s suitability for RRC based upon a thorough review of all application materials, including the application form, the written self-assessment, resume, academic record, GRE scores, letters of recommendation and personal statement.  No candidate will be admitted without a personal interview with the Admissions Committee. 

RRC welcomes applications for admission to the rabbinical program from candidates who meet RRC’s admissions requirements and who believe they possess the desired attributes, as follows:

Jewish.  Born of at least one Jewish parent and raised as a Jew, or a Jew-by-choice.  For Jews-by-choice, conversions by all denominations accepted.

Jewish Commitments.  Actively demonstrates engagement with God, Torah, and the Jewish people. Models commitment to Jewish community and continuity in one’s personal, familial, and communal life.  Engages in Jewish practice thoughtfully and with respect for tradition.

Hebrew. Facility with modern Hebrew equivalent to one year of college-level Hebrew study or higher, as demonstrated by an examination administered by RRC in conjunction with the admissions interview.

Educational Background.  Must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Transcript must show solid academic abilities.  Applicants who do not yet hold a graduate degree are encouraged to submit official Graduate Review Examination (GRE) scores, which will be used to help assess the applicant’s ability to succeed in a rigorous graduate program.

Critical Thinking/Intellectual Curiosity.  The ability, and willingness, to reflect; analyze; and synthesize information, as well as the desire to seek out new ideas and ways of thinking, in order to make appropriate and reasoned decisions. 

Service Orientation.  Maintains a sense of community and selflessness.  Looks for opportunities to work with and serve others.  Motivated by a desire to “give back” and help others.

Leadership.  The ability, and confidence, to articulate a compelling vision and to help a group determine its goals, as well as develop and implement the appropriate strategies to achieve them.

Interpersonal skills.  Connects with others, demonstrates empathy, and works well as part of a team.  Ability to read a room and establish and maintain appropriate boundaries with others.

Listening/Communication.  Actively engages in conversation with others.  Is articulate in expressing ideas in a coherent manner.  Makes active effort to listen to words spoken by others and accurately interprets their meaning.  

Resilience/Stress Management.  The ability to work under pressure; effectively deal with adversity and difficult people; and handle multiple responsibilities/tasks at one time.  Utilizes effective self-care strategies.

Openness.  Seeks out and accepts constructive criticism or feedback.  Is reflective and willing to admit mistakes and demonstrate humility. Looks for opportunities for personal growth.

Character.  Lives life according to core beliefsDemonstrates maturity, integrity and authenticity in the face of conflicting demands and consistently makes good judgments.  Is viewed by others as reliable, trustworthy, flexible, moral, and likable.  Possesses a spiritual maturity and depth.

Suitability for Reconstructionist Judaism.  Has made sincere effort to learn about a Reconstructionist approach including first-hand experience with at least one Reconstructionist community. Believes in and demonstrates Reconstructionist Judaism’s core values.

Age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, color, ancestry, national origin, handicap and disability will not be determining factors in the considerations of the Admissions Committee.


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