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Credits From Other Institutions

Exchange Agreements
With the approval of the instructor and our Faculty Executive Committee, you may enroll in courses offered at Gratz College, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and Temple University's Department of Religion. As a matriculated student, you also may enroll for a year of equivalent study at Leo Baeck College Centre for Jewish Education (subject to the endorsement of RRC's academic dean and the approval of the Leo Baeck College administration).

Transfers of Credit
You may petition to be granted equivalency credit for graduate courses taken at other institutions if the courses correspond to RRC course requirements. Petitions to the Faculty Executive Committee should include the course syllabus, a transcript from the institution at which the course was taken, and the signed approval of the member of the RRC faculty (usually a department chair) in whose area the course applies. RRC cannot grant equivalency credit for outside courses if the courses counted toward the fulfillment of requirements for another degree you received. You may petition for a maximum 24 equivalency credits.

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