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We pride ourselves on being a kehillah kedushah—a sacred, ethical community guided by beliefs and values that compel us to work for a better world. Our rabbinical program emphasizes academic rigor, field experience, strong community and spiritual direction. We foster particularly strong commitments to social and environmental justice work and to multifaith collaboration. And we encourage every student to pursue learning opportunities outside the College:  Our students gain academic knowledge in rabbinical school, but they grow into rabbis in the community.

Ours is the only rabbinical curriculum that reflects the Reconstructionist view of Judaism as an evolving religious civilization; we embrace the wisdom of our tradition, and we are willing to struggle and sometimes differ with that tradition. Students examine Jewish texts, beliefs and practices in the changing contexts of five historical periods: biblical, Rabbinic, medieval, modern and contemporary.   

Because we recognize the diverse roles that rabbis play in Jewish life and in the broader community, we offer specialized training in several areas, including congregational, chaplaincy, campus, social justice and educational work. Our graduates lead in a wide variety of settings.

This is the archival site for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. It is no longer updated.

For the new site, please visit https://www.rrc.edu.