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As a student you can participate in community life through a wide variety of RRC committees.

  • The Liaison Committee keeps students in touch with the administration and faculty. Through the committee, students have direct input in faculty-approved legislation and administration issues.
  • The Kolot Committee guides internal programming of Kolot to ensure that the College educates future leaders about the interplay of women, Judaism and gender issues.
  • The Curriculum Committee is charged with monitoring and evaluating the College’s curriculum.
  • The Green Committee takes responsibility for student environmental initiatives. The committee guides activities that promote a green policy at the college and in the community.
  • The Tikkun Olam Committee, reflecting RRC’s commitment to educating rabbis with a social conscience, meets regularly to ensure that the curriculum and co-curriculum achieve this goal. Read more about activism at RRC.
  • The Library Committee is responsible for developing and evaluating policies for library book acquisition, the reproduction of books and other materials, and the provision of required readings for students.
  • The Communal Spiritual Practices Committee ensures that a diversity of opportunities for spiritual expression and growth are incorporated into extracurricular programs at RRC.
  • The Israel Program Committee helps facilitate communication among students and staff at RRC, and students and staff in the Israel program.
  • The Israel Safety Committee meets each year to determine if safety concerns are a legitimate reason for granting petitions for exemption from the Israel year of study requirement.

Other committees are created on an ad-hoc basis to respond to needs and interests.

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