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Student Activities

RRC stands out among rabbinical colleges for our high level of student activism, community engagement and student participation in school governance. Our students have a range of activities to choose from, including the spiritual, musical and political.

The RSA provides a forum for students to share ideas and concerns with colleagues and to address issues of student life. All full-time students are members of the RSA.

As an RSA member, you have the opportunity to organize activities within the student and College community and to sit on committees that govern various aspects of the College, including the library, building and grounds, tikkun olam, communal spiritual practices and others.
Each year, the RSA chooses a representative to sit as a nonvoting member on the  College’s board of governors. The RSA representative keeps the board informed of student life and concerns.

Community Involvement and Activism

Several community offerings play important roles at RRC—building our connections with one another and bringing us the perspectives of guest speakers. Read more

And at any given time, our students are involved in a wide range of activist causes, from international to local. Read more about activism at RRC… 

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