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About RRC: An Innovator in Rabbinical Education and Jewish Community

RRC is a unique kind of organization in the contemporary Jewish landscape. We are a progressive rabbinical school­­—where people of all backgrounds engage intensively with Jewish texts, thought and practice. And since 2012, we also have provided services to Reconstructionist congregations and havurot, through Reconstructing Judaism. Our new structure coincides with a total rethinking of how we train rabbis, a process we call Re-Imagining Rabbinic Education (RRE). Read more about these curricular changes.

Training Rabbis: At RRC, students gain both expertise and practical training. And they experience a transformative, supportive learning environment that inspires the work they will do as rabbis. Each graduate brings the community a unique vision that integrates Jewish knowledge with dedication to the Jewish people, spiritual maturity, interpersonal skills and integrity.

Our curriculum is grounded in lively seminar-style courses and hevrutah (partnered) study. We offer a unique specialization in social justice organizing and a pioneering Department of Multifaith Studies and Initiatives. And our students’ extensive field work reflects the wide variety of roles that Reconstructionist rabbis play in congregations within and beyond the movement, as well as Hillels, schools, social-justice organizations, hospitals and interfaith organizations.

Thanks to the RRE project, our students will be equipped to develop new expressions of contemporary Jewish life. The first two years of the new curriculum provide the foundation, emphasizing tradition and core knowledge. The next three-to-five years allow students to take a more active role in shaping their own education; they can opt to specialize, and they hone their skills in pastoral counseling, life-cycle officiation, and service leading.

Serving the Reconstructionist community: Members of Reconstructionist communities help create the Judaism they want to live. Today, with more than 100 affiliated congregations and havurot, the movement continues to grow and evolve.

We work with affiliated congregations to build Jewish communities that are spiritually and intellectually vibrant and committed to Jewish learning, ethics and social justice. We provide publications, consulting services and an array of resources on topics such as education, tikkun olam, fundraising, and spiritual community building. We also promote Reconstructionist values among our youth through Camp Havaya and Havaya Arts.

On October 6, 2013, our board of governors adopted this mission statement:
The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College cultivates and supports Jewish living, learning, and leadership for a changing world.

On April 2, 2017, our board of governors adopted this vision statement:
A more just and compassionate world where creative Jewish living and learning guide us toward lives of holiness, meaning and purpose.

Learn more about our mission and strategic plan.

This is the archival site for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. It is no longer updated.

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