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Extensive Public Radio Interview Offers Insights  (53 min)
Host Alan Chernock shares wide-ranging conversation with Rabbi Waxman, moving from her childhood in a suburban, Conservative community to her position of leadership at the cutting edge of progressive Judaism today. Her comments help those who want a better understanding of how Reconstructionist thinking originated and how it has evolved. Looking forward, Rabbi Waxman offers new paradigms for stewardship of civil discourse, and a firm commitment to pluralism—even in the face of our differences.

In this brief clip from the end of a panel presentation at the 2014 Kaplan Center conference, Rabbi Deborah Waxman, '99, explains how the term peoplehood leapt from a small circle of Reconstructionist thinkers to widespread public use. Watch the entire talk here.

These two audio features help introduce you to our new president as she shared her ideas shortly after her appointment was announced.

Hear More About Rabbi Waxman’s Vision
Waxman shared her most important goals for the Reconstructionist movement along with some inspiring personal observations in this October 23, 2013, conference call. Listen now:

RRC Board Chair David Roberts opened the October 23 conversation by noting Waxman’s passionate commitment to the Reconstructionist movement: She believes that in these times, as people choose among vast spiritual, religious and cultural resources, the Reconstructionist path toward meaning and connection can appeal to many, he said. Along with broad vision, he pointed out, Waxman brings expertise in planning and implementation. She played a central role in creating RRC’s first-ever strategic plan and, with a team of movement leaders, will soon move forward RRC’s first such plan as a combined organization.

Hear Rabbi Waxman’s Acceptance Remarks
On October 7, 2013, Roberts gathered the RRC community to announce the selection of Waxman as president elect of RRC and associated Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. After a raucous standing ovation, Waxman gave an impromptu response, which was captured on an iPad by David Kuney, a member of the board. Listen now:

As a Jewish woman who is “shaking things up,” Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D., recently was invited to appear on The Salon, a television show on The Jewish Channel hosted by Jane Eisner, editor in chief of The Forward, with Rachel Sklar. Topics ranged from Barbie in Sports Illustrated to the controversial circumcision ritual of metzizah b’peh.

After the roundtable discussion, Eisner sat down with Waxman to find out “what makes this trailblazer tick” and what her plans are for Reconstructionist Judaism.

Correction: Deborah Waxman is the first woman rabbi to head a Jewish congregational union and to lead a Jewish seminary.

Why Does Metzizah B’peh Persist in the Ultra-Orthodox Community? Why don’t women donate to political


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